Where i can attach my photo in pan card application

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williamlus asked 3 months ago

I am applying pan card by the way of online website. i am getting some of instructions and assistance also. It is very helps for apply new pan card with easy manner. But i missed to attach my phone inside the pan card application. Now i need to add my passport size photo. How to add that? I am searching way for that but i cannot understand the method is given by online. i am approaching more person to attach my photo. I am not getting any tips and ideas about the issue.
I have applied home loan in bank. I need to given my pan card as proof. But it is not getting photo. Photo and signature is very important for pan card submission. Now I will attach my photo means when i can get the actions for photo submission successfully. Is i get any messages or notification possible in my phone number. My friend is given the possible way for adding that. But the page is showing error. I can try more time to do that action. But all time it is showing the error pages. Shall i use other website for submit my photo? Please give me the easy website for submitting my required details.
I have get the easy gateway for attach my documents for pan card application. lost pan card application is also possible for the required applicants. I need to submit my sister’s student pan card. What are details are needed for submission? Please let me know about that here. I have search the points and important actions while applying pan card in online. Most of my friends are getting pan card without any corrections. But I miss to add the photo. Please help me and add your points here or my mail box