What is the exact solution for GST return filing problem

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Suriyan asked 5 months ago

The GST return filing has taken me serious problems. I tried to register my business. But has not been successfully submitted to my form in the popup window. I am getting some of works are missing in that GST registration. So please tell me correct solution for my GST registration and return filing. How to use the software in GST return filing? At the time of GST registration I received an OTP on my mobile. I applied to sign in again. But OTP does not match. What’s the problem this is very trouble for my registration. Submission is easy but that website does not work properly. What am I doing now? My father’s tax amount was higher than their business turnover. Tax rate calculation is invalid. I want to know based on what I calculate GST rates. What are the processes? I need the right information. I see more professional advice and ideas for registering my business. The method of applying my friend and the proper registration for their registration is used. My documents are properly submitted. But I did not get successful messages for my mobile and email address. I’ve followed legal practices. What’s wrong with that app? If you have any idea, please give me the right way to register. Please given me the reference information and sources here My ID and password did not match to sign in. I do not know how to solve this. Now you have to register again. Give me some help and referral links. I am waiting for good and supportive help. I am surprised that other business has been registered successfully. I do not have any reference number in record time. I get my login details. But it did not work. I felt sad. Please here are some simple comments and points to get my right way.