Maldives political crisis

“Maldives political crisis”

Maldives political crisis.The political crisis is seen as the biggest threat to the Maldives since Abdullah Yameen became president in. 2013.
It is not only the first time, but this is since when the new president came into effect.

As current president ordered to arrest the former president Nasheed and 12 members of parliament who want to change his party and want to get assemble with Maldivian Democratic Party (Nasheed).
And if this happens the support of a maximum member of parliament will be with Nasheed and then he will be the president of Maldives. And Yameen has to leave his position.

Due to the fear of losing his position, he put some blame for violation of Constitution and international law on the former president. So he ordered to arrest some opposition members and his few members who want to change it’s party so that he remains on the throne.

But the Maldives Supreme Court ordered the immediate backup of his order against the former president. (Md Nasheed is in exile in the UK but would be arrested if he comes back.)

The court also ordered the resistance of 12 lawmakers who had been stripped of their parliamentary seas by Yameen’s party for defecting last year saying their removal was unconstitutional. And the reinstatement of the dozen legislative who now belongs to opposition party would cause Yameen’s party to lose its majority.

So far Yameen has ignored the order although he has stopped short of saying he will not obey it. He fired two police chiefs who said that they would uphold the court verdict last week, however, and continue to jail opposition member.

Members of the ruling party have sought to shut down an independent TV station accusing it of spreading discord sparking. A call from the US Embassy in Columbo, Sri Lanka for Yameen’s government is against the freedom of speech.

Yameen has sought in the past to suppress protests and the Maldives National Defense Force ( MNDF) said it would stop activities that ” openly threaten the security and the safety of the Maldives.

And ordered a 15 days emergency in the whole state. And every one will be killed or punished if they work against the government.

Yameen ignored the call from the US and India as well.When the commonwealth pressed Yameen to uphold the rule of law is the government for the Maldive to quit the Commonwealth.

As India is the biggest Allie with Maldive since long ago and whenever there was a need India helped the Maldives. Also in 1988 when there was the crisis in the Maldives then former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi helped at that time. But it seems that nowadays the Maldives has changed its relationship with China. It’s a kind of leaving a good friend with the influence of the bad friend.

Maldives political crisis

As India was one of the first countries that Yameen visited after winning the election in 2013. In 2014 Yameen invited the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for participating in the SARRC.

In 2015 the tension between Maldives and India had been seen.
The prime minister has to visit the Maldives in 2015 but he too was called off because of the opposition party was against the Yemen government.

It also seems that Yameen wanted to change the relationship with India and want to make allies with China.

Maldives political crisis

In recent year Yemen has seemingly aligned with Maldives closer to China –
Signing up for China ambitious Silk route project which aims to connect Asia and Africa through the Indian Ocean with series of port and the other infrastructure project to promote trade.

So it seems that China has funded Yameen government during the election and played the major role in Winning the Yameen. And Yameen is working in favour of China.

Report: Amit Kumar

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