Comparison of Arms Power between   INDIA & PAKISTAN

Comparison of Arms Power between   INDIA & PAKISTAN

The relationship between India and Pakistan is a very highlighted issue in the world. As we know that Pakistan was a part of India before the violent partition of India in 1947. After the great partition Pakistan always try to harm the Indian citizens and India because of the Kashmir issue. Kashmir is the main issue between both Nations. We can also say that it is an unresolved issues. The relationship between India and Pakistan is very complex, every year many militants commanded and civilians have been killed in both of the countries for that particular reason. There are many serious terrorist attack in India causing huge loss of life such as Mumbai attack/bombing(2005/2008) and there is many military conflict fight between the two nations which cause Huge loss of wealth and life.

Both of the country’s government always try to make their countries sufficient with the modern weapons and force because of this they spend lots of money. In 2015, India spent 2.3% of its GDP on military which is $51.3 billion. Same Year, Pakistan spent 3.4% of its GDP on military, which is $9.5 billion.There is a very big difference between India and Pakistan in many aspects such as Population, forces, military accessories, Weapons/Strength , GDP etc.

In this article we compared the Military strength of Both the Nations.

India – 1,443,921 (ranked 2nd)
Pakistan – 643,800 (ranked 6th )


India has 1,155,000 reserve military personnel whereas Pakistan has 513,000.


India – 1,443,921 (ranked 2nd)
Pakistan – 643,800 (ranked 6tg)


India – 1,155,000
Pakistan – 513,000

(i) Aircraft
India – 2102
Pakistan – 951
(ii)Fighter Aircraft
India – 676
Pakistan – 301
(iii) Attack Aircraft
India -809
Pakistan -394
(iv)Attack helicopter
India -16
Pakistan -52

India -6464
Pakistan – 2924

(i)Naval assets
India -295
Pakistan -197
(ii) Aircraft carrier
India -3
Pakistan -0
India -11
Pakistan -00
(iv) Corvettes
India -23
Pakistan -00
India -15
Pakistan -08

India -130
Pakistan -140

India – 292
Pakistan -134

In the 2018-2019 Budget the finance ministry of India allocated $53.5 billion USD, which is to be spent on military modernisation purpose. Whereas the Defence Budget of Pakistan in 2017-2018 is $8.7 billion USD.

At last we can conclude that India is far above than Pakistan in all aspects except nuclear power. India lags behind Pakistan in nuclear power by only 10 units. But there is also an important aspect that India had won all the wars with Pakistan. With globalization India is trying to make its arm forces better and better by making more investment with time. So therefore we can hope for a bright future in India.

Report: Navneet Sinha

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