Commercialisation of media

Commercialisation of Indian media: fake News ?

Commercialisation of Indian media


Commercialisation of Indian media.Work of media is to provide us information. But when the competitor increases they started doing business, to earn more.

These days it becomes a trend that what is the exact information is not provided, and we are given the things which are liked by people for gaining TRP rates.


Let other channels are for entertainment purpose. But due to the commercialization of media, news channels also started twisting a small news like a film suspense for gaining TRP.

Commercialisation of Indian media


These days the media is working for politicians, not for society.


Each politician has their own channels, to show off. And every of channels is engaged in slowing down to the opposition channels.

News anchor fight among themselves to show that they are right, and in their fight people are confused.

They highlight the news which is not important for the society, and they show the news as an advertisement for highlighting any person, especially politicians.


Effect on people and society.


News channels blow people mind and they make the people think in that way, in which news channels want. And it makes a bad influence on the society.

They are engaged in showing the spicy news. It’s same like food. It is a fast news which affects the brain same like as fast food effect our body.

Show the wrong thing as right and right thing wrong. They don’t show the news.

They are also becoming the judge these days. Before ending the episode they try to feel us that the person I was right or wrong. This makes the wrong perception in people mind about that person.

Report: Kumar Amit

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