What is COMCASA agreement

What is COMCASA agreement ? Is India doing compromise with its security ?

COMCASA ( Communication Compatibility and Security Agreement )

India has recently signed COMCASA ( Communication Compatibility and Security Agreement) on 06 September 2018 during 2+2 Dialogue meeting. Due to this decision of India, the government is facing many criticisms. But this agreement takes US-India difference partnership to new heights. Russia and China are not so happy about this agreement, this two powerhouse countries had tried a lot to convince India from not accepting the COMCASA but this new Indian government led by Shri Narendra Modi has some different strategy. So let’s Explore this controversial COMCASA  Agreement between US & India.


What is 2+2 Meeting?


What is COMCASA agreement

This meeting is held between Indian Foreign minister, Shusma Swaraj and Indian Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman with US Secretary of state, Michael Pompeo and US Defence secretary James Mattis in New Delhi for various issues like S400 missile defense system, COMCASA, H- IB Visa Issues and terrorism. And COMCASA has signed during this meeting.


What is COMCASA?


Communication Compatibility and security Agreement ( COMCASA) a modified version of CISMOA for India. Basically, COMCASA is an encrypted communication platform for exchanging defense information between us and India. USA sign LEMUA( Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement ), BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation agreement) & COMCASA with every country having good diplomatic relation.


India had already signed LEMUA.

This Agreement allows India to get advanced encrypted military technology and Hardware from the United States. US had modified his CISMOA deal into Comcasa specifically for India.

What is COMCASA agreement

Its work like when a US warship or aircraft detects a Chinese or any other others warship or submarine, the Indian Navy will now get to know instantly through the transmission of secure encrypted data to a receiver installed at Naval Headquarter in New Delhi. We have already purchased so many defense equipments from the USA like C-1307s, P81 maritime surveillance aircraft but currently we are using private sector software for controlling this equipment from the USA based private company and its not safe for security concern due to this India is not being able to fully utilize this equipment but after the COMCASA India will be able to fully utilize these USA related defense equipment. But everything has positive & negative both impacts, so this agreement also has some major negative impacts like now America can access the internal and highly confidential discussion of our India Army and that makes India more dependent on the United States in the defense sector.


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