Smart Cities In India : Concept & features in full details


The Government of India along with the Prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi, has launched the Smart City in India mission with the corporation of states and union territories for Urban Development. The main objective of this mission is to stimulate the economic growth and development of that particular local area by improving their standard of living of urban population by using new technology and resources. This programme aims at developing urban areas. The primary objective of this mission is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and provide a decent quality of life to its citizens.
Main features of Smart cities in India 

(i) Proper water supply.
(ii) Proper electricity supply.
(iii) Sanitation (including waste management)
(iv) Houses at the very cheap rate, especially for the poor.
(v) Good facilities of Transportation.
(vi) Digitalization and Availability of Good connectivity.
(vii) Proper health and education system.
(viii) Safety and security issues for every citizen.
(ix) Clean environment.
(x) E-governance, Administration.
(xi) Police Station (including cybercrime safety branch)

The Government has selected 100 major cities under this programme of being called ‘Smart city‘. The Smart City in India mission is operated as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme(CSS) and Central Government is responsible for giving financial support. Government has marked 48,000 crore to be spent over 5 year, an average of Rs.100 crore per city/per year. The government has divided ‘Smart City’ in India plan in segments. At present they have shortlisted only 20 Cities to roll out the programme in the first phase of implementation.

Related schemes of Smart cities in India 
HRIDAY(National heritage city Development and Augmentation Yojana) aims at preserving and innovating the soul and unique character of the heritage of India. In the first phase, it includes 12 cities –Ajmer, Amravati, Amritsar, Badami, Dwarka, Mathura, Puri, Varanasi, velankanni, Kanchipuram, Gaya and Warangal.

Report: Navneet Sinha 

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