Great Discovery and Inventions by Indians

This is very interesting for Indians to have a knowledge about inventions and discoveries by the Indian people that changed the structure of the world. India is a country which always shows its uniqueness in the different field like – Arts, Science, Mathematics, Medicine etc.
Tomorrow, India will celebrate its 69th Republic Day on 26th January 2018. In this beautiful occasion of Republic Day, We are trying to make you aware of our people/scientists great invention that motivates and encourage you to do more for India and for the world.
Universal accepted inventions by India.
(1) ZERO
ZERO was first introduced to the world by an Indian astronomer and mathematician known as ARYABHATT in 458 A.D. the number zero fulfils a central Role in Mathematics. ZERO has some value of its own. In the field of mathematics.
(2) YOGA
YOGA is practised to make your physical& mental health stronger or to live in a disciplined way. Yoga originated from India and has existed for more than 5000 years. As you know about Swami Ramdev “Baba” who tries to encourage to do so.
CHESS is a game which gives us a mental training. Chess was also developed by Indian. This is developed during the Gupta Empire in around 6th century A.D.  You are well known about Viswanathan Anand who is an Indian chess Grandmaster.
KABADDI is a Tamil word.
“Kai-side” which means holding hands. Tamil Nadu is a state of India. Which gave the birth of kabaddi, not only gave birth but also made it a proper sports game. Kabaddi is a game which shows the Physical & Mental strength of the players.
Everyone is aware of the quadratic equation and decimal system but many of them don’t know that its roots are founded in India. It was developed in Around 7th century.
The decimal system is also developed by the Indians in around 100 B.C.
You will be surprised to know that Martial Art was first practised in India and then later become a very interesting game to the in eastern countries. Buddhist missionaries spread this game to the eastern countries.
RULER  “scale” is also introduced by the Indian to the world in many years before it is first used in the Indus Valley civilization. The ruler was founded during the excavation in India.
Aryabhatta was the first man who discovered the Position of Planets and disclosed how these Planets rotates around the Sun.
Trigonometry is also introduced by a Hindu. It is a Sanskrit word which means Tri(three)+kone(angle)+miti(parameters). trigonometry played a crucial role in the field of mathematics.
YES!  You have read it right. CHARKHA is a father of medicine who spread the studies of Ayurveda around 2500 year ago. charkha is also credit for the main contribution to the science of Ayurveda.
The use of shampoo is first started during the Mughal Empire around 1762 A.D. It was a head massage oil which is used to make the Nawab/ruler relax. The word  Shampoo is derived from champion (चाँपो)
NASA was the first who discovered the Presence of water on the surface of the moon. The water that is present on the surface of the moon is known as Lunar water.
Report : Navneet Sinha

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