Achievements Of India in 2017

This year there are many success and failure both are faced by our country . So we are provide a list for our viewers of achievements of our country in this year .

1) ISRO 

This year ISRO was the full of success story for Indian space research organisation (ISRO) . The launch of PSLVC37 which carried 104 in one single mission is the one of the proud moment of ISRO. This year ISRO also launched the Geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle-MK111 ( GSLVMK111) in 2017.
ISRO launched multiple satellites like the Cartosat Nano NIUSAT and 89 more satellites of 14 different countries in JUNE ,2017
Some failure are also occurred in this year for ISRO like , PSLV launched mission to carry the navigation satellite of the country failed in August and (IRNSS-IH) also failed as the head should could not separate after launch.

2) Moody’s Ranking

The big achievement for Indian economy was upgradasion of India’s moody’s ranking from Baa3 to Baa2 moody’s is an American based financial investment ranking agency. The India’s long-term foreign currency bond ceiling also raised from Baa2 to Baa1 and short term foreign currency bond ceiling remains unchanged as p-2

3) Ease of doing business

India jumps 30 position world bank’s ease of doing business index 2017 . Narendra modi government has put very hard effort to reform our country’s economic situation . This is the first time India has joined top100 clubin this ranking.

4) Triple talaq bill passed in Lok sabha

Instant triple talaq are declared illegal by supreme court in August 2017 and given order to government to bring a strict rule against triple talaq. Our government are very serious on this issue. The triple talaq bill has presented in Lok Sabha in this month and passed by majority voting without any changes.

5) Global Innovation Index 

India moves up six ranks in Global Innovation Index ranking .India achieved Top rank in this ranking among central and southern Asia .India’s most improved sector in the 2017 report are in ‘infrastructure’ and ‘creative outposts ‘.

6)Global Competitiveness Ranking

India achieved 40th rank among 137 Countries in the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) Global Competitiveness Ranking .India got the top position in this list in South Asia .Means we are the most competitive country in the south aisa .

Report: Ravi Raushan

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