Importance of women education in India

Women education in India

women education in India.There is a famous proverb ” if you educate a boy then a single family is benefited and if you educate a girl then two families will be benefited”.

Our previous section was about overpopulation, and women education was one of the reasons for overpopulation. So now let’s see the role of girl’s education for the betterment of society and if each society will develop then our country will be developed.

Every citizen has some fundamental rights and right to education is one of them. But a large section of the society is ignored from this, which is the group of women. Women education is the first step of women empowerment. So, it helps to provide human rights, self-empowerment, develop the self-image, and self-confidence.

It also helps in reducing overpopulation as a woman is aware of all the things related to birth control, a proper gap between two children, proper childcare, schooling of a child etc. An educated woman can give better education to her children because every child education starts with his mother and society.

Very less percentage of girl obtain higher education in India. And one of the reason is it is believed women should remain in the house and do household chores, this belief is outdated but it still does prevail in certain parts of our society.

As we know that there are three steps of education primary, secondary and higher education. First two stages are compulsory for living a better life and to develop one’s basic thinking skills like what will be beneficial or detrimental to the family.

An educated person can learn things quickly and easily. So, even though a woman will be becoming a housewife in future, education will help her in her daily tasks.

From a political point of view, a report says that approx 50% of female voter cast their vote without thinking about what is right and what is wrong. If they get the education then the huge mass will be benefited by selecting a right government for the society. There is also need for women to participate in elections.

As we have seen women are considered as powerful and decision takers, so if the women are educated then a proper decision can play a key role in the betterment of the family. She also has the power to educate her children as well. Also, if they obtain professional education then they can also help in increasing the economy of her house as well as society.

Our country will be developed only when our women are educated. It can also be seen that the country having a higher literacy rate of women is more developed.

Women education also play a vital role when they get divorced or when they get widow. When a husband leaves or die or not having any kind of security to the family, then women only have a choice to do works like working in others home or some low kind of work. But a when women are educated then they can work anytime, anywhere, when there is fail in the family backbones and they will not face any problem. In some families when the husband dies then the women are not treated nicely or treated as a maid and she has to be there because she doesn’t know anything and only one thing she got left that is to weep on her fortune.

In history, we see that there was a Sati paratha or Johar system but at that time women education was not at the peak and they were uneducated. So when their ruler dies they have no option left to surrender herself or to become the slave of the enemy. But think if they were educated then they would have died like a warrior. For example Rani Laxmibai and many female warriors who died on the field of Battle. So you can here only differentiate how an education plays a vital role in history. I think if we provide equal opportunities to women, then we can improve our future.

Report: Kumar Amit

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