Trip To Inderlok : Life of small industry labour

This is just a written experience what I observed on the trip to Inderlok….

Manufactuaring units were functioning in underground, below a residential flat.The unit can be broadly divided into two categories: 1) Textile, 2 ) Metal-related works.Textile included shocks, rubber, bed sheet.Metal works included Iron rod, plate, utensils etc. There were functioning cartoon shops.Demography was such that labor class was young trampled me to check that skills & experience would be critical, but near absence of aged people convinced me that even here physical energy is preferred over skills & experience, maybe machines are doing all the skills – intensive. Workers are there to do only repetitive work. It appeared that migration was individual rather than with family.This pattern is helpful for employers because workers don’t need to have separate residence.They sleep at their working place. This also has implication for the government as migration with family necessities more public services, like healthcare & education apart from the residence . Migration without family may increase the risk of alienation in the workers.So there are opposing tendency.Is individual migration from Bihar and family migration from Bengal ?. Because of historical reason Bangladeshi had to come to Delhi with their family while Biharis don’t have this emergency. In former case, employment height have followed force migration in later opportunity through relative high precede migration


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