Famous Dishes in different Indian states


New Delhi : As we know that India is a country where lots of traditions , culture ,festivals ,dance are founded. Each states in India has been enjoying there own language ,religions , festivals , music ,food. One of them is “Famous Dishes” which means best foods which defines there states . Every state in India has there different taste & food style. In this article we are trying to show the best food of different states of India which will dribble your mouth with waters.

1)     Rogan Josh :

Its also known as roghan ghosht  is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin , which is the signature recipes of Jammu & Kashmir .


2)     Makke KI  Roti & Sarson ka saag , Lassi :

Makke di roti and sarson di saag is tag line of every Punjabi . This is traditional dish of Punjab , you will find this every where in pinjab at very minimum cost . And main thing it is very healthy food .


3)     Mixed Dal & Kachri ki Sabzi :

Mixed dal ,you must knew it , this is the mixture of different dals , its taste was amazing and daal is use in all over india. But Kachri ki sabzi is the main sign that help you to recognize that this is Haryanwi dish.


4)     Dall- Baati – Churma :

Rajasthani plate is incomplete without the mention of the famed  Daal Baati Churma . It also popular in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh . And main interesting thing Baati is always served dipped in ghee.


5)     Litti Chokha:

We know that peoples from are very hard working , but this hardworking place is also famous for its delicacies foods . The lip-smacking taste if Litti Chokha is not need any introduction.It is grand welcome to thr food of bihar in all its ghee-dripping glory .


6)     Idli :

Idli is the famous dish of Kerala. Don’t leave Kerala without trying idli of Kerala , which is fully make by mixture of rice .

7)     Fish & Rosogullas :

You must think fish and rosogullas are very different food , but one thing which connect this two food is Bengal . Bengali peoples loves Rosogullas and Bengali’s rosogullas won best rosogulla award in country also. And fish is the blood vessel of West Bengal , their meal is incomplete without served fish in their plate .


8)     Dhokla :

Dhokla is signature dish of our Prime Minister’s state  Gujarat. Dhokla is pure vegetarian food item .It is made with a fermented batter derived from rice and split chickpeas. It can be eaten at breakfast as wall as a in main course.


9)     Paratha:

Do you ever hear about parathe wale gali in Chandni Chowk . Delhi have lots of food lover , and many delicious foods but paratha is make a special place in delhi peoples plate . Everyone loves paratha , and paratha is not a single flavor , it consist various flavor , like allu ka paratha , gobi ka paratha , paneer ka paratha etc. So must visit this Parathe wali gali for taste this evergreen dish.


10)   Biryani :


Recently Ivanka Trump  praise the Hyderabadi Biryani , actually you can’t talk about biryani without mentioning the Hyderabadi Biryani. It is prepared in the form of Kachay ghost ki biryani and dum ki biryani.


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