TYPES OF BLOOD GROUP – Blood Donors & Acceptors 

Every People of World should know about their blood group. To be informed about blood group of yourself, of your family, of your friend makes sure you to fight with any future situation.

It is the chief transport system of body and has an important role in the defence against diseases.
You always seen in movies or any other place or you have faced this – blood required in where there is extra bleeding or some people who have lack of blood in their body. Every human beings have there own Blood group. Commonly, blood group is classified into four groups *A,B,AB & O* besides another Blood group is seen as Rh factors.


The A positive blood type is the second most common blood group in the Earth. 1 out of 3 person have this blood group means around 35 % people has A positive blood.
These blood group people can give blood to only A+,AB+ people and can receive Blood from A+, A-, O+, O- blood group people.


O+, O positive is the most common and easily available blood group. Around 37.5% of population has O+ (positive) blood group.
It is being the most common and easily available blood group can give blood to O+, A+,B+,AB+ and can take from O+, O-.


A-, A negative blood group is very rare blood group. It is not available and can’t found easily. The A-, A negative blood group is only found in 1 out of 16 human means only 6.6% of population has A negative blood.
A person with an A-, A negative blood only receive from A- & O- blood group people, while, can give to A+, A-, AB+, AB- blood group peoples.


O-, O negative blood is popularly known as ” universal red cell Donor”. The O-, Onegative blood found in 1 out of 15 people means it is very rare blood group.
8% of people has this blood group. Higher rates of O- blood type are found in people of Spain, New Zealand, Australia.
If you are being the person of O- blood group, you can give to everyone but accept it from O+, O- peoples.


B+ blood group is the third most common blood group. If you are being the B positive blood group people. You can donate blood to those people who has blood group B+, AB+ & you can receive blood by B+, B-, O+ & O- blood group type people.


B- is the second rarest blood type as compared to positive group. B- is the second rarest group after AB-. It is the only present in 1 out of 67 individuals this means around 1.5% of population has a B negative blood type.
B- blood people can give blood to B+, B-,AB+,AB- and take from B- and O-.


If you are being the AB+ blood group people then you are lucky one. You can give blood to only AB+ people and can receive from the everyone.
The AB+ Blood type people is known as “universal plasma donner because their plasma can be transfer to anyone of whatever their blood group”.


AB- is the rarest blood type and universal plasma donner. It presented in only 1 out of 167 individuals.
If you are AB- blood type individual then you can give your blood to only AB+ & AB- people and can receive from AB- , A-, B- & O- blood type people.

Report : Navneet Sinha

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