Has India able to fulfill Gandhi’s Dreams


Gandhi’s Dreams about India reality or Still a dream after 70 years of Freedom. Gandhiji was a man of non-
violence, and in today’s India, violence is the main form of expressing one’s dissatisfaction.

Gandhijiis remembered
only on chosen dates, you must have noticed that some people even remember the 2nd of Oct as dry day.I’m not
saying that Gandhi’s dream was to be immortal among his countrymen but certainly his dream was that the
countrymen should give up their personal interests for the benefit of the nation, but today’s India is too self-
centered to remember Gandhi’s views.
Gandhiji dreamt of no Indian should be hungry and uncovered and the woman must be in a position to move on
road even during midnight. The ways and means to achieve the end goal are more important. Let us see how far his
dreams rather vision about the spiritualistic INDIA are achieved. Can any Indian confidently say that no fellow Indian
goes without hunger especially in rural areas where the real India lives? What are our means to achieve in this
competitive world right from our tender children’s education to our day to day rat race? We might have created
wealth but are we behaving like trustees of wealth or are we making this sacred India as a filth land? He is more
relevant today and let us realize that he has and will guide everybody according to the need but not to greed.
We are
so intolerant towards human error that we cannot look past it. Perhaps we tend to forget that it was this great soul
who labored long for the eradication of untouchability. It was he who tried to remove their social taint by called
them Harijan and attempted to prevent the dilapidation of village industries solely for their upliftment. But we continue
to live in a country where atrocities against Dalit continue with flagrant disregard to laws as authorities remain
He believed in learning from Truth– the one with the capital and from the many truths of India, the truths that
made her great, the truths that keep her small and not running away from them, papering them over or prettifying
them. Peace and its offering, happiness, can only come by acknowledging what is real. He said the way of peace is
the way to truth.

Perhaps it is time to wake up and remember the man who once united this great nation. The man whose ideas have
inspired hundreds of thousands of people through the world including the great leaders like Nelson Mandela and
Martin Luther King Jr. who can once again inspire us to greatness. I believe we can follow Gandhi’s visions and
ideologies which still persist somewhere in the depths of the underlying current history of our nation.
It is up to us to
explore those depths and the dreams of the Father of our Nation.



Adarsh Yadav उर्फ Gyanprakash

Delhi University

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