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Author: Ravi

Importance of women education in India

February 21, 2018

Women education in India women education in India.There is a famous proverb ” if you educate a boy then a single family is benefited and if you educate a girl then two families will be benefited”. Our previous section was about overpopulation, and women education was one of the reasons for overpopulation. So now let’s […]

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PNB Scam | Biggest banking scam in India : Full details

February 20, 2018

PNB Scam | Biggest banking scam in India: Full details” What is the whole case? Pnb scam. The news of hurting the economic development of our country has come out.The country’s second-largest bank has become the victim of the biggest banking fraud in India. The higher authorities of PNB based on Delhi said on Wednesday, […]

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Why GST on Sanitary napkins? Get complete answer here

February 17, 2018

“Why GST on Sanitary napkins?” At a time of globalization and modernization, periods are still considered a ‘Taboo’ in our country. It is a matter of shame and concern that only 12%  out of  586.47 million women in our country uses sanitary pads. The government imposed a 12%  GST on sanitary pads even after knowing […]

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Overpopulation in India: Impact and sollution

February 16, 2018

“Overpopulation in India” Overpopulation in India.The population of India is increasing at alarming rate. And there are major several problems in India and every problem has some connection with increasing population at an alarming rate. Around 2.5% of land mass is India in the world and the 17.5% of total population lives in India. Overpopulation […]

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Maldives political crisis

February 15, 2018

“Maldives political crisis” Maldives political crisis.The political crisis is seen as the biggest threat to the Maldives since Abdullah Yameen became president in. 2013. It is not only the first time, but this is since when the new president came into effect. As current president ordered to arrest the former president Nasheed and 12 members […]

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IPC Section 377 : Is homosex an offence ?

February 14, 2018

“IPC Section 377”  IPC Section 377 .Indian penal code 377 is related to homosexuality. In this section, it is said that sexual activity is a crime if it is against nature. Against nature here refers to same sex. And if caught in the unnatural offence then a person shall be punished with imprisonment for ten […]

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Best places to visit in Delhi

February 13, 2018

“Best places to visit in Delhi” Best places to visit in Delhi. Delhi is the tourism hub of India. There are many places and monuments in Delhi that are worth watching. If you are planning to visit Delhi then you must visit these top 10 places. Best places to visit in Delhi 10. Qawali night […]

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Priya Prakash Varrier bio

February 11, 2018

Priya Prakash Varrier bio , age , wiki This video has been viral in the entire social media since yesterday, but do you know who is this heart-melting cute girl featuring in this video? So, Name of this latest crush of India is Priya Prakash Varrier. She is a newcomer Malayalam actress. She becomes star […]

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History of Jammu & Kashmir : Article 370

February 11, 2018

 “History of Jammu and Kashmir” History of Jammu & Kashmir : Article 370. Jammu & Kashmir is one of the Most Wonderful place of India, situated in the Northern part of India. Jammu and Kashmir is the solitary state in India which has a separate constitution. It is given a special place in the article […]

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Top Engineering Colleges in India

February 10, 2018

“Top Engineering Colleges in India” Top Engineering Colleges in India.Engineering is Considered as one of the branches of science and technology deals with the designs, buildings, innovation of software etc. Engineers are one of the main factors who stimulate the economy from plinth to Paramount. Engineering course is counted in one of the prestigious courses […]

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